2. Other Products

Time & Attendance System

Our Time and attendance system provides useful information and insights such as scheduled vs worked hour, early & late arrivals, and commitment ratios which help managers and people in charge understand the time scheduling and attendance patterns which ultimately help them make the best employment decisions.

CCTV Camera

Protect your valuable properties with our state of the art CCTV Cameras. We provide a wide range of high resolution CCTV cameras that can serve multiple purposes and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

IP Telephone For Kuwait Landline

An IP telephone system is a powerful tool that simply revolutionizes telephone communications. Our advanced IP Telephone systems can work exactly as a normal landline telephone with zero call charges.

GPS Tracking System

H-Tech Solutions provide a comprehensive GPS tracking and management solution. The system enables the user to totally track every car attached to the system with full statistical information and details regarding each car such as distance travelled, average speed, speed limits control, history of fines and more.

Customised Software Development

Customized and specifically tailored applications are head and shoulders above readily available applications simply because it is tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Cloud Servers

H-Tech Solutions provides dedicated cloud servers in Kuwait that give you the capability to store date online and access it anytime, anywhere.