Client Testimonial’s

Betty Boop Salon

The great thing is that through Htech I’m able to see improvement. That all my research and what I studied about how to buy smarter and do better are paying off because it's reflecting in my sales and in my customer flow.

Mama Do Restaurant

At Mama Do , we use Htech to really help build our community. We use it to connect with our customers and get their information; as we go through the sales transaction, we just flip the iPad around and ask them for their details so we can stay in touch and keep them updated on what’s happening in-store and in the community.

Meemee’s Cupcakes

I wanted a young company, who like me, is always thinking of ways to improve and connect with customers. I wanted to work with a POS that was forward-thinking, which is why I chose Htech.


After extensive research, we found that Htech allowed us not only to get an easy start but to be able to scale with our growth.

1970 Cafe

Using a pos in our cafe is one of the best solutions to reduce human errors. I am grateful ezi-pos that it helps a lot in running my business


We use Htech's POS Solution for our stores and warehouse. It's vastly superior to cloud-based POS.

Hair Mode Ladies Salon

H-tech's Pos Solution is great. Can’t imagine running our salon without it!


Amazing consistency with processing. Great reporting and ability to see multiple review platforms all at once.